The Predicament of Undecidability

The Predicament of Undecidability

He remembered the area he had glimpsed upon arrival, by the airport. He recalled the architecture. Uncanny. Dislocated. He remembered an area filled with bizarre, dusty office buildings, wide bare streets where homeless motorists found refuge in the sparse areas of shade or car rental companies.

The more I look at this image the more I feel uncertain. It is reverberating in my mind through some logic of reversals. I cannot grasp a definite sense of the space.

I look and keep looking. I can look away. But as soon as I look at the image, I keep on looking as if it were involving me in a mechanism. While looking my mind strives to put things in order but fails. I cannot settle. I am left in an embarrassing situation of undecidability. And in the predicament of undecidability, one loses a clear sense of self, a clear determination. One loses any well-defined sense of possibilities and limits. As anonymous place, the city entirely monopolises our sense of self. We totally surrender to its strange power, not knowing from whom and from where it comes.


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