Other There

Over There

I was told to go there. I didn’t know what to expect. They told me this was the address. The journey felt long. But when I arrived I couldn’t remember why I had come so far: who were they and why they had told me to go there? I turned around and went away.


The image at first seems rather matter of fact. It depicts an ordinary family house which does not display any particularly striking features apart from the fact that it is white and bare, and that it bathes in sunlight under a cloudless sky. There are two houses in the image, one slightly receding to the back. Both are extremely similar in conception and convey the same feeling of blandness. The repetition of a housing model automatically instils the sense of standardisation.

Movement emerges instantly. A movement focuses on the house and gives the sense of a narrative, of tension. The image gives the impression that one has reached a destination, ‘arrived’, after a long-distance journey. But another movement comes in to interfere. The slope suggests an escape down the hill. This transversal movement, passing from left to right, is reinforced by the dynamic of the light manifested by the shadows on the house. It is as if a strange and hidden force were pulling space into beyond, into dissolution. I feel the image is enfolding my imaginative past (the long journey) as well as my present (the moment I come in contact with the image). But I am already not there. I am
away .


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