A growing Pain

A Growing Pain

Sunday afternoon he crossed a deserted Downtown to one of the few parks in the city. He hadn’t heard from her yet.

Everything around him appeared transitory, fleeting, never-ending, and accidental. He became startled by the complete emptiness of the road, and the car park, and by the expanse it formed. He stopped.

Looking at the image, I feel my sense of anxiety growing and growing.

I am present, so much in position, a few steps to the tree, about to fall into it. At the same time I am nowhere, lost in the eeriness of the place. The image is pure surface in the sense that it does not inform but reflects everything back. I feel my being comes to a degree zero as the image loses materiality, its referents, to become pure effect, pure intensity, one of growing, enduring.

Understanding the city, exploring space, also passes through moments of pain, frustration, aborted desires, anxiety and wasted times. It is in fact an essential passage towards sensing the place, towards uncovering its ‘truths’.


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